Eclectic Vintage Art is the most geographically diverse art gallery in Cyprus. Artwork from all
over the world is abundant and constantly enhanced. From Ecuador to China, Vietnam to
South Africa, Germany to Indonesia, Philippines to Colombia, anything can be here. Most of
the art is 19th century to the present so expect normal wear. Anything major will be noted.
Eclectic Vintage Art
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A tracking number is always provided in the case of overseas shipping. Cyprus Post options
used are Registered Post, EPG (for European parcels) and EMS DataPost (Express)
depending on size, required speed of delivery and price chosen. Other international carriers
can also be used but at a substantial premium. Personal viewing is recommended.
This website is under construction. It
will be updated daily until completion.
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  • Are in euros (€) and INCLUDE 19% VAT (sales tax).
  • Can change without notice.
  • Are NOT cast in stone. They are only an indication. I may or may not be able to do
    something better. It depends on a lot of factors. MAKE A REASONABLE OFFER.