1. I do a fair bit of research before I attribute an item but you are advised to do your own
    before purchase.
  2. If I list an old drawing as “signed L. da Vinci” it COULD be Leonardo but also Lucas,
    Linda or Larry. It means I cannot attribute it with any degree of certainty.
  3. If you need additional photos to help you determine authenticity/condition you are
    welcome to request them.
  4. An illegible signature is just that. If you manage to break it then good for you, some
    customers have made quite a bit of money because of my failure to break it myself.
  5. Oil/acrylic – watercolor/gouache: Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference.
  6. Most items are pre-owned so expect normal wear. Anything major will be noted.  
  7. Sizes are approximate to the nearest cm.
  8. Assume that all frames have damage/wear. Feel free to ask for condition reports.
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2-D artwork (paintings) on this site has been divided in geographical sections according to
the image depicted and/or artist's origin (sometimes both). 3-D artwork (sculpture and other
art) is from all over the world.